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 How To use RSS on this Website?

     1. Select Category of interest on right and click.
     2. Put the mouse cursor over the RSS Icon See As RSS next to the category heading and click.
3. Copy the RSS News Feed URL to the clipboard or write down the URL.
     4. In the RSS News Reader Application, follow their instructions for creating a  
         RSS News Feed by specifying the URL recorded from Step 2. Some News
         Reader applications will allow you to paste the URL feed from the Clipboard.


What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution that includes headlines, summaries and links. RSS-aware programs called news aggregators, also known as news readers or RSS readers, enable you to get the latest headlines, in RSS format, delivered straight to your desktop.

Why use RSS feeds and readers?
As a player in the industry, you need information fast and effective. RSS and news readers bring you the headlines, descriptions and links for all your favorite RSS-friendly websites directly to your desktop. News readers are set to check for new content periodically (usually every hour) so you can peruse the latest information, decide what you want to read, and then go directly to the articles.

Where can I get an RSS Reader?
There are a wide range of RSS Readers available for most operating systems, and many of them can be downloaded for free. Search news aggregator or RSS reader on ReClicks, Google, or Yahoo to locate one to download. Generally, the process for setting up an RSS feed with your RSS Reader involves the following steps. Please refer to your specific RSS Reader™ instructions for configuring an RSS Feed.