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Lost & Found for the 21st Century
In today’s hectic world more and more people are turning to those handy gadgets and mobile products that can be t...  (read entire article)
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By: Brian Benjamin Carter, MS, LAcA Free Persuasive Speech Sample For You
Want to see a free persuasive speech example?

So, you've read about finding your own persuasive speech topic, and you want to see an example of...  (read entire article)
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The full moon due on the 25th (of March) was called the Maple Sugar Moon by the Chippewas because that’s when the sap flowed the freest. According to...  (read entire article)
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A Guide To 3G On Mobile Phones

3G stands for "3rd generation" technology. It is based on GSM standards and it is the latest improvement to m...  (read entire article)
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Physical activity offers a broad range of benefits, including the prevention of obesity, improved self confidence, and an overall sense of well-being...  (read entire article)
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What is Tantra and how can it help you overcome feelings of shame so you can have mind-blowing sex and intimacy?

I began my study and practice...  (read entire article)
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By: Sam VakninA Letter about Trust
The narcissistic condition emanates from a seismic breach of trust, a tectonic shift of what should have been a healthy relationship between the narci...  (read entire article)
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By: Terry DashnerA paradox of law...
A Paradox of Law

Terry Dashner…….Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

There is an interesting paradox in II Samue...  (read entire article)
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By: Joseph GhabiA perspective on life!
A perspective on life! – by Joseph Ghabi

All of our lives we always seem to direct our concern toward attempting to conclude our life path or d...  (read entire article)
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To start making dramatic changes in your life, transform
the way you use questions that begin with "why." IBM
Founder Thomas Watson, Sr. is quot...  (read entire article)
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