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By: Samantha DaleStructural Engineering
Structural Engineering is a trade that deals with the analysis of designs and structures. Some consider it along the lines of civil engineering but the 2 are slightly different because structural engineering originates from civil engineering generally. Civil engineering is more along the lines of maintaining and dealing with the environment of the environment for a design. It is broken up into 10 parts which are: environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation, municipal, water resources, materials, coastal, surveying and construction engineering. Structural engineers carry out the design of buildings and their structures. They also carry out the designs of machinery, medical equipment and even vehicles sometimes.

Structural engineering began so long ago. It originated in ancient civilization when pyramids were still being constructed. Structural engineering ensures that the structure of a design whether it be a building or pyramid is stable. It has to be able to withstand its surroundings and also be able to surround natural disasters at the same time. The failure of a badly structured design can result in collapses. The job of a structural engineer is very serious and vital to the completion of an architectural design. Knowledge of this profession is also vital to the construction of the design as well.

Structural Innovations is a structural engineering firm that provides architectural service to the clients. Some of the services they offer are consulting, design engineering and expert witnessing. They provide services to local and national clientele. They have licensed engineers so they have the ability to assist with projects in all states. Besides having licensed professionals they also are registered with Central Contractor Registry. If needed, they can assist with the commercial, education, healthcare, institutional, manufacturing and power markets. Due to the work that the staff produces, publications has even been produced by the firm.

The staff members in the firm each hold between the professional and structural engineering licenses. The current states they are licensed to assist are North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC, California, Illinois and Georgia. After carrying out any form of structural engineering you must go through the structural inspection process. This is simply checking the foundation and ensuring that there is not any problems or damage with water or penetration. General damage is something else that is looked for with the building's structure. This is proper procedure and notifies the engineer of all possible warning signs. A detailed report of the structure's status can then be given.

In order to become a structural engineer, a person must receive a license which is a legal form of certification that you are able to carry out the tasks in which a structural engineer is required to. Whether it is a structural inspection or assisting with the design of a structure, you must be able to do so. Besides just obtaining a license you must first obtain a degree in this field. The major you would study would be civil engineering. While studying these courses you will get early hands on experience with this profession. After all, a structural engineer is responsible for the design and analysis of a structure so it is highly required that the training and certification is mandatory. Some structures are buildings may contain people and if it cannot withstand certain events that take place, this can be a major problem.

Structural Innovations Engineering & Consulting, PC is a full- service structural engineering firm located in Charlotte, NC providing structural analysis, structural design and structural inspection services for the commercial, industrial & residential construction markets.